How to find insertion point and rotation XYZ for PointCloud object

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Is there a code or others that would allow me to retrieve the insertion point and the rotation in the three axes (XYZ) for a PointCloud insert into Revit Project.

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There are some nodes in my Sastrugi Package that perform these functions.


:snowflake:_Pointcloud Get Scans and Regions
This node extracts Scan Names/Origins and Scan Region Names from within a Pointcloud Instance.

:snowflake:_Pointcloud Get Transform and Scale
This node returns the Transform Origin/Vectors and Scale of a Pointcloud Instance.


Thank you very much Ewan_Opie.
Is it possible to have the rotations in XYZ in angle form not in vector form?

Thank you

You will need to use the Vectors from the node and compare them with the associated Vectors from the Projects coordinate system. So there are a couple of things to consider.

Is your Revit project using Shared site coordinates?
Is there a value specified in the Project Base Point for the “Angle to True North”?
Have you rotated the cloud instance after initially loading it in?

@Ewan_Opie Incase If I have rotated my point cloud after loading it, how do I go about it? I mean how do I find the updated Transform, it seems to still return the old ones

Hi Ewan,

I can’t find the “Pointcloud Get Scans and Regions” in any of your current downloads at the following link

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: