How to find dublicated Parameters

Hello Dynos,

I have to do some QM. How can i find dublicated Parameters? My script works regarding collecting them, but sorting I can#t

And some “information-candy” would be to get the unique Parameter ID (18codeNumber)

My Workaround is Excel, can I find

I am glad about any help, thank you!


Andreas GetDublicatedParameter.dyn (11.2 KB)

Something like this?

  1. You get all the parameter from the Elements
  2. Get the Names
  3. Group them by Name (If a group contains more than 1 parameter, it means we have a duplicate)
  4. Filter the groups which have more than 1 parameter.

I took your script as a base.

GetDublicatedParameter.dyn (30.3 KB)

If you also want the guid from the shared parameters, you have to filter the ones, which are shared and get the Guid from them. (Added that to your script)

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Thank you it works very well!