How to find element IDs of a sublist of parameter elements


I have successfully filtered out all of the duplecated elements by parameter values. and have the element IDs.
Then I have filtered the unique element parameter values and the number of times it has been duplicated. Now how do I search the element ID list and categorize the element IDs to match the sublists filtered quantities?
Hope that makes sense! Want to have a list of lists, of the same quantitys of the elements as they are currently shown in the parameters list, except with the element IDs that represent the parameter list.

instead of using List.DuplicateItemindicies and List.CountOccurences use GroupByKey. You can uses count @2 to figure out what lists only have one item (unique) or ones with more than one item (duplicates).

the flattened list with TP1 in index 0 will be the keys and the flattened list from group (puts element ids into list for sending to clipboard) will be the list.

This assumes the data in both the flatten nodes matches. I can not see where the data is coming from for the number and prefix nodes.

for more on GroupByKey you can checkout the dynamo dictionary link below.

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