How to find clash points between line and element?

Hi all, I’m trying to find the clash points between line and element in the Revit as below:

But it seems no such node i can use, anyone has a solution? thank you so much!

Did you try like this?

Intersection.dyn (7.6 KB)

Thank you, what tricky is my Element is a Generic model, so i can only get a empty list at last

Hi @TonyD,

You could try this:

Thank you Martin, it fails, i think the problem is my Element is a Generic model which is not easy to transfer to a geometry or solid.

Is it possible to share the family?

did you try with Element LocationCurve from GeniusLoci. or you can try pic the surface of Generic model instead of hole elements.

Sry I may not have this right…but what i can show about this generic model is a simple tunnel shape family.

You have geometry, use Geometry.IntersectAll between curves and your shape.
Or you can try Point.Project points to shape.
Send result to Revit after.Home.dyn (21.0 KB)

Thank you VIadinir, i will try