Clash Detection / Geometry intersection not working

Im runnning a element clash detection from bakery package, with pipe and structural framing.

But for some pipes it is working as pipe clash with structural framing.
Some of the pipes are not giving the clash point even though it is clashed in 3D.

Also I tried to do with Element.Geometry intersection. Result - Empty List.

dynamo geometry

This is output after runnning the script

Link Elements? If so and your link has been moved your geometry will not be where you see it in Revit but back in it’s origin location, so the intersection test fails. Use Bimorph Nodes if you can as it handles this limitation but you’ll need to devise your own technique for getting the clash points if that’s what you need.

@Thomas_Mahon Thank you for understanding the query. Most of the problems got resolved using LinkElement Node from Bimorph :slightly_smiling_face: but im not able to determine clashpoint / intersection point of pipe and framing.

At that clash point, I want to put pipe sleeves

Today I have scanned whole bunch of nodes in all my packages.