Revit MEP - Clashes - Marker The intersection points

Hello forum members
I try to locate the intersect point of the Clash between the elements in order to place a family to mark the point for an opening or anything else.
I used BIMorpth’s NODES
And in the latest version I encountered a problem that the line could not be isolated only to the crossing area.
Anyone have an idea for a solution? Thanks in advance!
First Pic from BIMorpth Youtube and the other is my Dynamo.
try to get the line that marker in Red Circule…

I am having a hard time understanding what your exact problem is here, but I’m assuming that you want a point instead of a line.

Have you tried getting a point in the line at a parametervalue of 0.5, aka the middle?


You are looking for something like that?



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Sorry for the lack of clarity.
I want to create the line that represented to me the depth and location of the crossing in the wall.
As soon as I can create this line I will divide in half for the opening position / I will use one of the endpoints for the position.

In the first picture I marked with a circle Red what i found in youtube.
and in the second picture it is my model

Thank You it’s perfect for me for the first step.
now i need to place it by the wall rottation