How to fill in a room tag with an Excel file

Hello Everyone,

I apologize in advance for my bad English :frowning:
I start on dynamo and i have a program to do.
If anyone can help me it would be great.

I explain to you what i have to do :
I need to fill in the room tags in revit with an excel file, I need to fill in the people of each room on each floor.

The Excel file looks like that :
registration name first name Num Room Level
E00123 Dodo Paul 101 0
E02220 Toto Jean 102 1
E01569 Titi … … …
… …

The room tag must look like this :
E0000 TuTu Pierre
E1203 … …
Staff : 2

He can have several people by room, so we add a line with the number of people.
I create a room tag with labels in shared parameter, I create a dynamo program to import the Excel file and fill in the room tag.

But :

  1. I don’t know how to affect the right person to the right room and the right level.
  2. How to fill the room tag with several people.
  3. How to calculate the Staff.

Can you tell me if what i want is realizable or not, If i have to change the configuration of the Excel file.

Thank you for your answers

Upload what you currently have in your script.

Are all of the columns equal in length/don’t have blanks? ie Room xxx doesn’t have number of people.

Setting room values aren’t an issue just may need to add some parameters to the family first and I would just make a new Room Tag that has all of the info and place those with dynamo.

I can’t upload, I am a new user :frowning:

All columns are equal, no blanks, he can have one or more people per room.

I already created a new part label with th parameters.

I am not aware on restrictions for uploading based on account age…

I would recommend that you break this into chunks then. First, you need to add parameters to the rooms and read in an excel file. Check here for some ideas to get you started.