Set Room Parameters from Excel Sheet

My script writes values to room parameters from Excel. Works OK but some unpredictable results makes trouble shooting hard. In a nutshell, I don’t know how the Element ID node input to the Element.SetParameterByName node correlates with the values input from Excel. I think I need another set of nodes between the Excel.ReadfromFile Node and the Element.SetParameterByName to correlate with the Element ID node.

The Excel sheet was created using Dynamo to write Revit room parameters to Excel. I think the reason it appears to be working is that I am reading and then writing the elements in the same order, but just by coincidence.

For instance, how do I get Room #101 to always be named, “Classroom”; it seems like I could easily change Room#101 into “Closet” and never notice.

Thanks for any tips


BIMLink is a nice tool that uses ID´s to sort and order information,
we use the same method when reading and writing to and from Excel.
When exporting information to Excel we always write the unique ID of all elements to the list.
When reimporting we use the ID´s to filter and sort the elements:

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I has the same issue. I used a python for creating a dictionary from my excel file.
Then, every change are made by selecting only the updated rooms by its unique number (i use the room’s id instead of Revit element id).


Thank you for sharing this method with me. I have gone through it carefully to understand the principles. It works great and understanding it I have been able to modify the method to address my specific task. :wink: