How to extract windows "opening cut" in order to add dimensions to windows in elevation?

Hi everyone,
I’ve edited a script that creates section views per element so that I can create a sort of “legend” views for all my doors\windows. The script works fine but now I have to manually add dimensions to each door and window.

My first thought was to add a bounding box => cuboid and then create detail lines that can help me create width\height dimensions for each window.

The result looks correct (I know that I’ll need to specify the normal direction of the window instead of using grouping point x then point z which only works for windows facing that direction, but that’s an easy problem).
The problem now is when I try to dimension a pocked or sliding door. The script creates the cuboid on the entire geometry of the door instead of just the opening of the door.

So, I’ll need a way to get four points on the opening cut of the door\window.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Why not pull the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom references using the Genius Loci package?


I Assume you mean this node ? It returns nulls. :frowning:

The easiest way is to use the outline of the host wall.
To my knowledge, the API does not allow to obtain the opening cut of the elements.

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I was thinking the use of the nodes shown here: