How can I actually bring (export) the geometries created in Dynamo to Revit workspace where I can apply materials to it

Sorry, I know this is a noob question but how do i exactly do it?

Whenever i model in dynamo, the shape or mass is visible in Revit but it is unselectable. I managed to select it sometimes but it is not a solid mass where i can assign a material parameter. Usually it seemed to be grouped in Revit and it’s not explodable. How can i convert it like a normal Revit massing with solid surfaces?

Please help. Thank you!

FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node in the Springs package is likely what you are after.



Agree with Jacob, the Springs package is the way to go.

If you want to manipulate the geometry you can load into a family, then load that into your project. In my experience you can then edit the geometry in the family environment.

If you want to load straight into the project and apply materials, those materials must be present in the family template.

Hope that’s useful,