How to export out two schedules AND not override previous data?

See the following images from my graphs:

First question is how can I export these two schedules to the same spreadsheet on multiple REVIT projects without it overwriting the previously saved data in those worksheets? Inside the Node Schedule.ExportToExcel, the inputs are setup to write to lines 1,2,3, but the overwrite input is defaulted to false. If I leave the StartRow and StartCol inputs blank, would it just look for any previous data and then append it to the end of those populated cells?

Second question is, should I be doing this differently so that I can batch run this against lots of REVIT project files?

  1. I believe that the node will require a start and end point. Try to read the previous spreadsheet and append the data - you’ll effectively be overwriting with the same data that was previously there.

  2. It depends on what type of data you’re gathering, how many models you need to look into, and how often you want to do this task. Can you elaborate? I’ve written scripts that combs drives for .rvt files and pulls basic metadata (file size and date modified, etc) and written that data to excel, but I’ve never mined multiple revit files for internal data.