Export revit schedule, change/add data in excel & import again


I’ve been searching the forums & can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I want to export a schedule for mechanical equipment to excel & be able to edit or add data to the excel spreadsheet such as comment & mark & then import this information back into the schedule. I can export schedules (using a script that someone linked in a previous thread) but it exports all schedules in the project & I don’t know how to import data again.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @kbrady83 , I think one very important thing to do is to export the GUID of each element along with the rest of the data. That will allow to find the elements that each data belongs to when you import it back from excel.

Thanks for the quick reply, can you tell me how I would go about importing the information back into the schedule? As I said earlier, I can export it, but don’t know how to import it back in again

You won’t technically be importing stuff back to the schedule… You will be adding/changing data of revit elements, and the schedules will then show that new data.

You can import data back using ootb Excel.Readfromfile or nodes from Bumblebee package, then you’ll have to use Element.SetParameterByName to puch the data in the elements.

Thanks, i’ll give that a try now!

I’m not having any luck, this is what I have done:

Can you tell me where I am going wrong please?

you’re not using the element.setparameterbyname right …

here’s a little example using 99.99% ootb nodes:

I extract the same data as the schedule and make sure to get guid of elements :

here’s the result in excel:

I change the values I want in excel:

Then back to revit (id to element is from Archi lab package) :

the schedule shows the modifications:

I suggest you use this example and read some basic tutorials from the dynamo primer, you’ll get where you want pretty fast.

There is also a plug in that does this in a way more straightforward way with a great user interface: BIMLink.


Thanks very much for all your help!

Thanks for your script.
Correct me if I’m wrong: I tried your script and noticed that if node “List.Transpose” is placed as in your script, the result in excel won’t be the same as yours. I had to move the transpose node right after the second list (the long one) and in front of “List.AddItemToFront” node.

I also have the Archi lab package installed but I can’t find Id to Element node. Can you be more specific about which Archi lab package which has that node? There’s a few Archi lab packages out there and I don’t know which one is the right one.

Thanks a lot

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi 's post is 2 years old.
A lot has happened since.

but Id.ToElement can be replace by:

I didn’t notice the post is 2 years old :wink:

Check the below topic

Hello Mohammad ,

I am trying to figure out your script for importing back into revit. the exporting one is working, but the importing one I’m having issues with. See below: any suggestions ?

Ok go it to run without any errors but it is not changing the data in the revit schedule just in the excel spreadsheet ???

Hi @JeremyH57

Did you use export script before importing ! please show snapshots for the excel file and which parameter you are trying to change

Yes I did run the export prior to the import

I would like to be able to change anything from column 4 down - and then import it back into revit with changes made but everytime i go to import it; it just run the excel and doesn’t change in revit.