How to save a Revit Schedule to 'Sheet1' in excel


The attached script creates a new excel file, and that was originally fine, but what I want to do now is transfer this onto ‘sheet1’ in an existing excel file. Please can you assist (ive spent a couple hours trying to do this but with no success).
Many thanks in advanced.

The limitation here is that ScheduleView.Export supports delimited file types like CSV or TSV, which don’t support multiple sheets.

One method would be to use BimorphNodes Schedule.GetData node to get your schedule as a nested list. Then feed that to Data.ExportExcel which allows you to specify a sheet in the Excel file


I cant seem to find that Schedule.GetData. Please can you highlight where this is please

It’s from the BimorphNodes package:


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Excellent work, now how can I input 2 revit schedules into the same Excel sheet, one on Sheet 1 and the other on Sheet 2? Without creating two dynamo scripts? Thanks in advanced.

The number of sheets is equal to the number of data

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I managed to get round to doing it like this. Thanks all for your help :slight_smile: