How to divide revit pipe/duct element using dynamo?

Hi All,

I try to split the Revit pipe with the Dynamo at specific point (can be a mid point). Has anybody have an idea how to do it?

I tried to insert a Pipe fittings at this point. When I do it from the Revit UI, it breaks the pipe (so I have 2 pipes and 1 fittings)… Unfortunately when I do the same with dynamo it looks like Dynamo inserts the pipe fittings onto a pipe but it doesn’t break the pipe (so I have still 2 elements 1 pipe and one fittings :frowning: ). It looks like it doesn’t recognize the host??

Any ideas much appreciated?



can you tell me, how do you split a duct or a pipe with dynamo?, i want to do that, but i don’t know how.



For me this is also interesting. I would like to split a pipe(with split element?), so it will place a coupling. Placing a coupling by coordinates doesn’t work, like Jarek already said. Does anyone has a suggestion or maybe Jarek already found a solution?

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Sometime ago I tried to solve this one by placing connectors on the centerline of a duct, the connectors are placed but not connected to the duct. Anyone has ideas on how to go further here? Capture (Custom)