How to discretize surface into n*m grid

Dear all,
Since Delaunay.ByParameterOnSurface can create several lines from start point to end point by several UV parameters.

How can I get these points instead of a delaunay diagram, or cells on this surface so that I can do some extra edit?
(I’m doing some path planning and want to set risk level of each node)
Where can I refer source code of the tessllation of this node?

for the source code of that node I suggest contacting the package creator. I searched and found this blog:

As for your first question I sort of feel that you will need to post some more of your work flow, perhaps even the full DYN. This seems rather high end and as such you might not get much results with the little bit you have posted. Just my thoughts though.

Thank for your reply.:grinning:
First I need to point out is this dynamo project is Revit-related.
I am doing path planning in Revit via Dynamo. As you can see, this picture shows the process where discretizing the area and this delaunay grid is used for finding shortest path by a node from lunchbox package.
Here is the link from which I changed the dynamo to conduct my project:

Maybe it is too trivial to describe the whole project and similar function has illustrated in this link which is quite intereting.

To this question, Delaunay.ByParameterOnSurface node include 2 steps:
1.Generate several points in given surface according to the UV parameter(e.g. 1…50 for u and 1…20 for v)
2.Connect all these points to generate a delaunay diagram.

And the question is How to achieve the first step which I think is quite easy with DeignSript or Python or else.