2D Delaunay Triangulation

Hi All, Firstly - I’ve been using this forum often over the last year or so. It has provided an invaluable resource. Thank you! I hope to soon be able to contribute answers, and help others. TLDR; Is there a way to apply Delaunay triangulation to a 2D grid of points? I apologise for the large post! I am currently looking at creating a simple sunflower pattern to introduce me to geometry and interaction between Dynamo geometry and Revit. I have managed to create the points I want. I now wish to create polycurves to import into Revit as filled regions. An example of the desired polycurves are shown below ( would also like to be able to triangulate this further radially).



However, my list management seems is awful when it comes to geometry. I understand that there will be a magical way to take points 1,2,3,4 for each node. This can be done by creating radials somehow (figuring it out is part of the fun!), and performing some kind of witchcraft to break this into sublists of 4 coordinates.



So while I let this idea of list sorting mull over, I discovered Delaunay triangulation. This looks like it would create triangles in the way I would like. However - this only appears to work on 3D points (I tested this with a randomised grid on another file). In the interest of learning: Is there a way to apply Delaunay triangulation to a 2D grid of points? Also your thoughts on how to approach to my problem not using Delaunay would be appreciated. Thanks, Alex

Could you just set the z value of all the 3D points to zero ?



File: spiral.dyn


Can you re-upload the dynamo file please… :blush: