Delauney to GroupCurves

I haven’t played too much with dynamo geometry so hopefully I this isn’t too basic… I have also worked with both GroupCurves before as well as the tstngwaters node but cant get this to work. Works when UV is set to three but not 4 so not sure if its because three of the lines are overlapping?

I started from the script here, also attached is my modified version:

Triangulation Delaunay.dyn (10.9 KB)

surface looks something like this:

It’s grouping all the lines because they all touch I guess. So the nodes both are working. I guess what I am trying to do is generate a jagged surface (not nurbs) from either the points or lines. Could be by a surface, polysurface, or adaptive component. The adaptive component would be ok if i could repeat on a divided surface. Any recommendations?

Here’s a snip of the model lines in revit with an adaptive component. Just don’t want to place them manually…