How to delete multiple family parameter from inside the project

I have 50 mechanical equipment inside the project.
I am trying to delete all listed parameter of all families from inside the project.

THis script works fine inside the family . How to workable from projects also.

Need help.

Thank you.

Capture project.

REMOVE PARAMETER From project.dyn (2.6 KB)

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I would advice looking towards the Orchid package which have tons of nodes for working with families instead of using a custom python script written to work on active document :slight_smile:

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@Jonathan.Olesen I found orchid package very useful but remove parameter works fine just inside Family.
Cannot delete from the projects to all family parameter.

Do you have any idea .

Thank you.

You can visit and check for a method to delete the project parameters unless someone in here can remember it :-).

EDIT: Try have a look at this tread. It is written in C#.

Hi @shrawanram,

I’m not exactly sure what you have in mind, but maybe the “Orchid” node below can help you.

EDIT: the picture above is updated (initialy forgot the “Element.ElementType” node).

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If you haven’t found a better approach yet, you might consider this…

It deletes parameters from multiple families in a folder.

You might need to save out your project families and then reload them.

Hope that’s useful,


FamilyParameterDelete.dyn (6.9 KB)


I got Error message on Beaker Package

Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of GetFamilyDocument that takes arguments of type (__array)

and for orchid package:
Warning: Parameter.Delete operation failed.
Please run this command in a family document.

Thank you. But still too high level for beginners.


what you are doing makes no sense. Please notice the input and output ports which data types they need.

One thing I can say for sure is that you cant use my family document nodes inside a project.


how can the beaker node take elements when it says familytype? this method looks very odd!?

I have a node that takes familyType and open it as documents, but it can for sure not take a category elements!? can Beaker that!?


just trying,
Do you have any nodes that works for inside project ?

Please read this…

@shrawanram, I forgot to mention the “Element.ElementType” node, so i updated the picture above.
@erfajo, I didn’t know you had a similar node (you’re package keeps getting better :+1:).

Kind regards,

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Thanks @MJB-online, I try my best to hold a valuable package :slight_smile:

I can also see by your new image the difference between mine and the Beaker node.

All inputs I process --not only this node but a lot of nodes-- is, in the end, being evaluated if they contain a "single" sub item, if so are the output moved one step up so to speak. This way the user never has to think how they actually are feeding the node and not expecting nD list as output.

I don’t support this for projects at the moment, but It should be doable to make this rather easy… If you feel this is missing, then use my issue page at GitHub. here can wishes be put as well as bugs.

Just remind you that i am working on Project not in revit family.


**Warning: Parameter.Delete operation failed. **
**Value cannot be null.**
**Parameter name: familyParameter**

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

I will put some issue in github .

Hope it will solved soon.
Thank you.


  • I know you are in working in project environment (me to, and it works fine for me).
  • When i am testing Dynamo graphs that open families (in background), i frequently restart Revit and Dynamo.
  • When you want to edit 366 families, you also need to create a list with 366 filenames for input of the “Document.SaveAs” node (not just one).


is there any other way to do it ?
it will make me 366 save as node for family. ?


This works for me…

It runs from the project, saves out the families, edits their parameters then reloads them.

The only quirk is that I couldn’t get my Orchid File Load to work. This might be something to do with my setup.

Hope that helps,


FamilyParameterDelete-2.dyn (23.8 KB)

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