Delete Project parameter

Some how I have 100’2 of project parameters. w

They are all connected to materials.

is there a quick way to delete these with dynamo?

I can get the list, but how to remove the parameters?.

Be sure to back-up your project first and then try the following:


@Dimitar_Venkov - Interesting comment style. Text notes broken in daily builds? :wink:


Thanks for sharing this.
It was working great, but in Revit 2019 (Dynamo 1.3*) it started being destructive on at least one parameter, which included populated values. Just wondering if there would be any insight into why that might be?
It just wipes it out, including while I have a schedule open with parameter values in front of me. Deletes the entire column in the schedule, which contains many values.
Can’t test in Dynamo 2 as (at least) clockwork isn’t compatible yet.
Appreciate any input into this very useful package and why it may be behaving this way. Seemed to not do that in Revit 2018.

So are the Parameters kinda touchie as far as syntax allowed in the inputs? I cannot get this graph to delete all the inputs?PARAMETER ERASER.dyn (58.6 KB)

For anyone interested, i tested it in Revit 2019 with Dynamo 2.0 and it worked perfectly (Y)

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