How to create section box

I’m not finding any way to create a section box using dynamo nodes.

Is there a way to create a section box around two clashing elements using nodes/ python?

or is it possible to create a section box from bounding box?

So I actually use this add-in for sectioning. I’ll select the elements and then hit Auto Section Box (shortcut:BOX).

But automating is most likely possible. Do you have a clash-detection script that you use, or how do you select the clashed content?

Can you share a screenshot of what you have so far?

View3D.SetSectionBox is GeniusLoci will do what you need.

You just need to input a bounding box box that’s derived from your 2 clashing elements, and either your active 3D view if it’s a one off, or you could use Dynamo to create a bunch of 3D views in bulk for a series of clashes.


I’m not sure what I am missing but I don’t see a View3D.SetSectionBox node from GeniusLoci

I’m using Revit 2021 and have Genius Loci (2022.2.103) installed.


The 3DView by BoundingBox node should do the trick.

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That seems to have worked! Thank you!