How to create list to make individual revolve shapes

I am currently learning to work with lists, please help me solve this.
How to create list of point groups to make individual revolve shapes. Presently start point of each origin is connected.

It’s not really clear what you want to achieve. Can you hide the unnecessary elements from the 3D background? (rightclick>preview on a node). Or can you post the dyn file?

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Thanks for the reply.
Please find the dynamo file attached.

I would like to array the revolve using sequence.

When I try to array the revolve using sequence node, I am not able to list the points in group.

Revolve.dyn (60.7 KB)

You want to create something like this?

You needed a double transpose.

You can learn more about transpose in the primer:

It’s hard to understand at first, try the examples in the primer, and it will be clear how it works.

To understand levels first try to understand the node (originally there was no list@levels only It’s basically the same concept, you can also read about it in the primer.

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Yes, Thank you very much for the guidance.