Create groups of individual model elements

Trying to create multiple groups of multiple model elements?
Not sure where list.groupbykey helps here:


What do you mean with “groups”? Do you mean a revit group or do you mean that you want to “group” all the filled regions with a certain value for a certain parameter into dynamo lists?

Could you also your share Revit+Dynamo files?

Yep, Revit groups (not dynamo node groups), the process would involve select multiple items in revit and create individual groups. a good example when arraying something in revit by default revit groups those elements one by one.

GroupByKey is used to group items in a list. You need something like Group.FromElements from Clockwork.

You can do it like this. I also tried the Clockwork one, but it didn’t work for this instance.

GroupFilledRegions.dyn (18.6 KB)

For some reason it gives an error and groups only one filledregion:

But if choose “Clockwork” group.fromelements it groups the entire set of filledregions:

pffff stupid me, I send you the old version. Didn’t save the graph after I resolved the issue… :expressionless:
GroupFilledRegions.dyn (18.6 KB)

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Top notch work Joel, this worked like a charm :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

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