How to create Grid lines from an Excel file or tabulated Survey Points

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The beauty I find about controlling Revit via a csv, Excel or database is that it potentially can allow you further flexibility in manipulating points, which in turn can control Revit geometry, with the help of Einar, KolKul, Tomasz and others I have been able to produce a framework to process points from within an Excel file. See How to Control Revit Family via an Excel File?

Attached below is a solution for generating a grid from an excel file, there are only 5 numbers to change in the excel file, and they are highlighted in pink in the excel file, they are; the top left hand co-ordinate to set out the grid, the x spacing, the y spacing, and the extension spacing to the grid bubbles.

If you set out the first bubble ID as A0 or 00 or 0 in a grid bubble of the Revit file, the Grid numbers will automatically number from that sequence when running the Dynamo script.

My question is, rather than resetting the grid sequence starting point, can I, or how can I extract the values set out in the excel table to re-populate and update the grid bubbles ?

Grid_Layout.dyn (42.8 KB)
Grid_Layout.xlsx (12.1 KB)
Grids.rvt (1.2 MB)


Oops, posted the wrong .xls file

Grid_Layout.xlsx (12.1 KB)

Hi Roland,

Are you looking to set grids names from excel?

Perfect Kulkul, I’m going to dub you “Sir Ganesh” after the well known Hindu deity “ - the remover of all obstacles !

The updated Dynamo file is here; Grid_Layout.dyn (21.0 KB)

This forum is great, the support is fantastic for furthering the use and understanding of Dynamo.

However I’m wondering if a video content component can be added, so that some explanations can be added via video clips, rather than searching through YouTube, they could be incorporated within the community here, to allow the expression of solutions within this community.

As an example of a great video clip that extends the concept of interfacing Revit with Excel on a practical level, is a well presented clip by Michael Kilkelly that I came across on the weekend,

This reply is in part an answer to a question raised by Michal_Nagy of how to add walls (see Quick Dimension Question - Kieran_Atherton Quick Dimension Question )

But with thanks, an answer has been provided by T_Pover (Wall.ByCurveAndHeight) I have added his/her graph to illustrate how you might add a wall (this is my first attempt, so it is still in it’s rudimentary form) but no doubt you will be able to manipulate this into an apartment block !!

Updated files; New Grids.rvt (1.2 MB)
Dimension-Grids.dyn (106.1 KB)
Test Grid_Dimension.xlsx (12.1 KB)

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