Grid of points with variable distance from excel


I would like to generate point grid from excel data but Im stuck.

Heres my excel data:

Heres my simple script:
Raster.dyn (24.5 KB)

The problem is, this should be distance between raster points and not an coordinate. So the numbers in dynamo should be as following:

Does anyone have an idea how to get coordinates ind dynamo from excel distances between points? I suppose it should be something like [i+(i+1)] for indices but I cant seem to solve it in dynamo.

Thanks in advance,

No need to get imperative with it (what you’d have to do in order to make [i+(i+1)] work in design script). Let list levels and lacing do the trick for you.

Or for multiple lists at the same time:

Or to keep a 0 value before each of the lists:

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