Create floor multiple outlines

Hi all,

We are trying to create floors using dynamo.

We would like to use multiple loops or outlines for the same floor.

The only node that I have found Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel does not seems to work.

is there any workaround or this cannot be done programmaticaly?

Same topic have the solution in this Forum…

Thanks Vijay

Sorry but I cannot find anything

But I can see lat…

Thanks Vijay, we want to build floors not fill regions

You need floor like a mesh, or it’s single floor mean in single plane

Like this?

Hi Vijay,
We want to build a FLOOR
With multiple outlines per floor.

Like this,

Multiple polycurves (outlines,loops) not one

can you show some images?

You have it in the first post, multiple outlines under the same floor

If try like this all inner curves will be floor cut. Do you want cut with all inner curves?

as per my undersetting you trying to create the floor like topo-surface with various level.