How to create floor + slab edg?


Is it possible to automate a workflow that can create a structural floor and a slab edge for that floor by just selecting some detail lines that represent the desired boundary line for the floor?

This is how the process would like like:

  1. I create the desired boundary line for the structural floor with detail lines

  2. Dynamo creates the floor with slab edges

All depends on the line direction
You see a line drawn from right to left will give you a slab edge pointing north (depending on how the family is made)
Also the Span Direction comes into play. So the order of the lines is also an important factor.
But its quit easy to do.
Use the search button here in the forum, there is plenty of information on this subject.

Good luck

Thanks for the replyI
I can find topics about floors and other stuff but I can’t really find anything on how to create a slab edge with Dynamo. There doesn’t seem to be any nodes for that.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

There is a create family instance by curve (outline of floor)