Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel makes Floors with Span Direction Edge

I feed closed PolyCurve to this node and it makes floor ok. Then, I try modifying using SlabShapeEditor, and always one point doesn’t work and remains at 0 level. If I edit the floor sketch it reveals that the floor creation node adds a Span Direction Edge when making floors, and this messes up the slab shape. Two questions:

  1. does someone have a better, python floor node that doesn’t have this problem? And
  2. can we delete Span Direction Edge from the floor sketch with Python?

I reported this on DynamoRevit github issues page: https://github.com/DynamoDS/DynamoRevit/issues/1358

Thanks for your feedback Luke, we will look into the slab shape point behavior, could you supply an example definition? I guess it would make sense if we’d expose some more features like the span direction and/or slope.


Interestingly, it seems that I have resolved the issue by using more predictable geometry. In other words, the Revit node does create a span direction, but this does not stop the ShapeEditor from working.

My next step will be to build a floor node that is not bound to dynamo element, so I can use List.Map without losing previous elements.