How to create a straight leader line between tag head a leader elbow

Hi Community,

I am Jaison.

I am trying to align tags using dynamo.
I was able to align them, with the help of a guideline.
But the leader is not straight between Tag head and leader-elbow.
I used the node “Tags.SetLeaderElbowPosition” to setup the leader-elbow location.
I am taking the same Y-Coordinates of tag head to set up a leader-elbow location, even though not getting a straight leader as expected.
Any way to get a straight leader line between Tag head and Leader-elbow? Any help will be appreciated!
Thank you

Hi @jaisonpr777 and welcome, use the combination of ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ|Tags.SetHeadPosition, ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ|Tags.SetLeaderElbowPosition and ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ|Tags.SetLeaderEndPosition to align the heads, elbows, and ends of the tags, make sure the tags leaders are set to Free End:

@Elie.Trad ,thank you. i will try this. :grinning:

hi, the Elbow Y not same to End Y but it should be a fix number.
My case is 19.19 ( dont know why). Just input Y + 19.19 to Tags.SetLeaderElbowPosition
it should be ok

Hi, @Elie.Trad @JamesHYW
Thanks for your advice.

I got the solution!

Sorry for the late reply!.

The actual problem was with the tag family.

In the attached image, the Duct Elevation tag (Tag: BOD: 2913) leader line is perfectly straight till the elbow ( tag head to elbow).

But for the Duct Size tag( Tag: 300x300) , the leader between the tag head and elbow is not straight , Because this tag ( Duct Size tag) size label position is not exactly at the reference plane center.

After adjusting the tag label position (aligned to the reference plane: X ). I got a straight leader between the tag head and elbow.

Please refer attached images.


Hi, Thanks for your reply!

I guess this 19.1mm will be the deviation of the tag label position( in tag family) from the reference plane( X ).