Change the length of a tag leader

Hello Everyone,

At this moment, I’m working on a script for placing tags on pipes, ducts, cable tray’s and conduits. At this moment, it looks fine because I managed to get the right tag on the right pipe etc. However, when it places the tag, the length of the leader becomes way to long.

Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this. I think it is in my last part of the script.

Can you output the results of the Point.ByCoordinates as well as show the error message?

The example screenshot is odd - the way I read the Tag node, you should have a tag placed on the midpoint of the pipe curves, without any offset.
Also, leader length is not an available parameter under pipe tags:

If you want a specific offset from the pipe, try retrieving the normal vector and using that as the input direction for the direction+distance Geometry.Translate node.

The Rhythm package also has a handful of nodes that deal with retrieving and adjusting leader head and elbow locations that may help (I use these to annotate pipe rise/drops by kicking out at 45 degrees).

The error message from the Point.ByCoordinates is the following:

“Warning: Your inputs lie outside of the allowable modeling range, consider choosing the Large setting with a modeling range between 0,01 and 1.000.000 from the “Settings => Geometry Working Range” dialog”

This is an error message who is common to me because most of the times, the building is way of the 0-point.

I’ve found out that you can change the normal vector for the length of the tag leader in Annotate->Tag All. However, to confirm this, you need to place the tags before the setting is applied. I don’t know jet if there is another way to fix this.

I need to have a look into the Rhythm package for that. I’ve tried GetLeaderEnd and SetLeaderEndPosition but than, I got ‘Null’ as answer.