How to Create a Lengthy Cable Say 1Km or more. Import properly into Revit

Hi to all,
I was trying to create a cable using sweep. I’m able to model in Dynamo. I have a issue with importing them back to Revit. I Have tried the following?

  1. Import-instance Node. Importing Properly. If I try to explode the element Its gone.
  2. Direct Shape Nodes from from Dynamo and Other Packages tried. Its creating a triangulated geometry. Kind of which I don’t wanted.
  3. If I do Model in-place family it works fine. But i like to parametertize this.

Kindly let me know Is there any node which creates inplace family. And inside that we can do sweep, extrude…etc(not dynamo Sweep, Extrude…). Or how I can achieve this.
Thank you all

Hi @Rajkumar_Nallusamy

  • Show us your complete graph with all the previews visible and expand errors if any.
  • Drop here relevant files if possible.

Assuming your 1KM cable has some kinda conduit that it sits in, you could use a Conduit.ByLines node out of the MEPover package.

Thank you for the prompted reply. I’m trying to create cable along path.

@Kulkul Please find the files in the attachment. Im able to achive the model in Dynamo. Basically I need help in Geometry compatibility.

Direct Shape Missing Surface & Triangulate what I get while use Direct shape.
Import Instance Explode Error.PNG when i try to explode the Imported geometry.
Cable Model Inplace.RVT - I did model manually inplace. This is what Im trying to achieve in Dynamo.
Cable Model Dynamo.RVT - What I tried in Dynamo.PNG

@JacobSmall Can you show how to Get Conduit Type. If you show me a example that would be more helpful.

Element.Types node into All Elements of Type node, then select the type you want using list functions.

@JacobSmall Its resulting null. I’m i doing anything wrong

What i think is happening here is:

Since you feed in 3 elements with the select model elements node, you need 3 diameters aswell.
The same goes for Family and Level.
Dynamo has a function for that, it’s called lacing.
Right click the node Conduit.ByLines and go to lacing, set to longest.

See lacing in action