Creation of cable trays using the CableTray.ByLine node (MEPover)

Hi guys,

I’ve been searching some forums, but haven’t had any success yet. My aim is to draw a line with the revit line command and use the dynamos script to draw the straight stretches and the curves according to the angles of the vertices.
The cable tray will be laid according to the dimensions selected previously, as well as the type of cable tray to be installed.

I haven’t started the script in dynamo yet. Could someone please help me?

Hi Fabriner, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Please have a read of this post How to get help on the Dynamo forums

Have a go and see how far you can get

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Review this post Cable Tray By Line Not Working - #8 by Alban_de_Chasteigner
Note that the Element Type node is now Element Classes and then use All Elements of Class to get the types.
Convert Revit Detail/Model lines using the Geometry node

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Hi @fabriner.rosa welcome to the forum…you will need show a start at least as mention, or take a search here in the forum there are many hits how it can be done, here is one way…play around with it and if you go stuck then just ask here with your dataset so far…



The script worked perfectly for the straight stretches! Thanks for the suggestion!
For the curves, I couldn’t quite understand the link you made between the nodes, it was difficult to understand through the gif.
However, this is what I have so far:

As my account is new, I can’t attach the videos, follow the link to access them.


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hello…try as here and sse if it help…

Some errors are still occurring. I’ve put the new videos in the same shared folder on OneDrive.
Some questions:
1 - In this node, why is the expression a==2 being used?;
2 - In these two nodes, how are the indices a[0] and a[1] going to be filtered, since there is no list in the “List.Transpose” filter?;

Could you send me your script so that I can see the results for each node?

yes sure if i had anymore, i can check later and can post not at dynamo pc in the moment…but try as here

Perfect! That’s exactly what it was. Thank you

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