Extruding Model Lines in Revit


Is there a way to extrude model lines? I tried this but It doesnot import the instance into revit. See below. Idea is to extrude the lines in a cylindrical profile. Is it possible?

Thank you

Once you have it in Dynamo you can get it into Revit using Diret Shape. Just need a name and category in addition to your Dynamo geometry.

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@Greg_McDowell Thanks for the input. It worked. But is there a way to specify the profile irrespective of its location and still extrude the lines? I’m baiscally modelling PT cables and models lines work best to create the splines as per the PT profiles. Any ideas??

thank you!

I’ve seen native Adaptive Components used for this to good effect. You have to make multiple families in order to manage the number of bumps (pre-stressing?) in the strands but it seems to work really well. Easier than the ML approach I’d bet.

If you’re going down the Dynamo route I believe you can reference a Profile Family for the Sweep.

@Rooney_Wayne Might help if you could provide sample files explaining your attempts and intent