How to create a (image) vicinity map for title sheet

OK I know there are plenty of threads out there that bring in GIS data to revit but all I want is a quick vicinity map for my title sheet. I used GIS2BIM and Dynamaps. but those bring in everything as objects. (unless I am doing it wrong lol)

right now we go to google find the site and do a screen capture. then save it to a location on the network and then insert it to revit. not to complicated but i bet dynamo would make this much easier.

Thanks in advance

Are you always 100% satisfied with the view that is given by searching the site location?

If not than the time savings of launching the snipping tool, saving the result and inserting into Revit isn’t going to be as significant as you’d hope. My guess is that process takes 5 minutes to perform in total, per project. My gut says that the time to build the customization in Dynamo to export the google map view is about 4-6 hours if you were building it from scratch, more or less depending on your level of experience. Maintaining it will be about 2 hours per Revit release or Google API change (not sure how constant that is but I would wager it’s very stable), so you’re looking at about 84 (7*60/5) projects to break even in the first 12 months (assuming equal billing rates).

That said if you’re feeling ambitious or if the ‘first view’ is always correct you could look into Dynaweb and the google maps API to hack something together with no UI around the view.

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Please have a look at this:

@jarod.tulanowski you are welcome sir!



Great work as always @Konrad_K_Sobon! Thanks for another amazing addition to the Dynamo community!

You never cease to amaze me !!! wow and thanks is all I can say. :+1:

Just a dumb question. when I follow your way it works perfect in Revit 2021 but it doesn’t work for Revit 2019. (Not ready to upgrade the team to Revit 2021 Yet)I get this error for the node ImageTypeOptions.Create

Warning: ImageTypeOptions.Create operation failed.
Could not load type ‘Autodesk.Revit.DB.ImageTypeOptions’ from assembly ‘RevitAPI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.

Is this because of the different versions of Dynamo 2019 using Dynamo Core 2.0.4 and Dynamo Revit 2.0.4 Vs 2021 Dynamo Core 2.5.0 and Dynamo Revit 2.5.0

Thanks in advance

I replied on GitHub, but just to reiterate here. It’s because Revit 2019 doesn’t have that functionality exposed. It was exposed in 2020 and onward.

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