How to get google map from inside dynamo



Im trying to get the web page for google map with my project coordinates in the correct location. Im not sure if that is even possible cant find anything on internet. The end game is to have a google image on the cover sheet of a project.


Check out the GIS2BIM package.

On his Github you can find alot examples.
Check out this blog:

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I’ve tried the GIS2BIM package it not very flexible. There’s one node: GetLocationdataNetherlands. would work great, but it uses a Netherlands website to work.


Could you upload a graph (with errors)? i’ve never experienced any errors with it



Here’s some stuff that’s being tried…

I use Open Street Map, it’s free, seems quite comprehensive globally and gets building footprints as closed Polycurves.

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2018-12-07_12h15_12 2018-12-07_12h15_22

These are results of the GIS2BIM package. it can import BAG, BGT, Air photo’s or combinations if combined. basicly the same as @Mark.Ackerley suggests.


It works, but uses google api.
Takes me to this site and says:
“The Google Maps Platform server rejected your request. You must use an API key to authenticate each request to Google Maps Platform APIs. For additional information, please refer to”


i think you should bind the lat and lon from GIS2BIM.GetRevitSiteLocation directly to GIS2BIM.GoogleStaticMapsAPI ?



As stated in the post I linked to…

I seemed required to sign up and give credit card details to google to get it working.

Instead I went to a basic website to get lat/long and plugged those in manually.

You will see that in the graph in the link and the dyn that is attached.

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Edit: @Schasfoortyoeri’s link is great, the BILT presentation has a node which imports images at scale… very interesting :slight_smile:


If your question was solved please mark your thread as solved. If not, there are graphs for exactly what you are trying to do here:


I dont wanna use API because that requires purchasing.


What do you mean? i’ve used alot of those scripts and i didnt have to parchuse anything…
what area do you want to import? if by any chance the Netherlands its free for sure.


Maybe @MaartenVroegindeweij (the developer of the package) can help us out here.


Its the USA needed not the Netherlands.



How did you surpass the paywall?
I remember you did in some kinda way



That’s right, if you want to use the location node there is a sign up which requires credit card details but no money, to lever the google developer location search.

If you’re not bothered about such a nice input you can just use a lat / long website and put the numbers in manually.

As for the initial question, google aerial maps are copyrighted, I presume the sketchup tieup meant they were happy for their info to be exported but I haven’t found an open source provider of aerial photos.

If anyone has, I would be very interested :slight_smile:

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Perhaps this file is useful. Loading Google Maps using Tile Map Service.

TMS Example Google.dyn (32.2 KB)

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Thanks so much I can work with that. Thank you everyone that replied very helpful and much appreciated.