How to creat floors between 2 different surfaces

Good Evening. Im quite new on Dynamo and for a school assessment, and i need to divide de contours of the building in 100 floors. The thing is they are very differente among themselves because of the curvature.
Can anyone explain how is it possible for me to create those levels and maybe how to calculate the area surface of them?

@LaMancha Please post your dyn or a link to it

This was the only way i was able to do it, via WeTransfer.

The logic would be something like this depending on how you have generated the form


I’ve been trying to do this line of code that you provided me, and i simply cant make de “floors” appear. It appears a segmente, but i cant connect them to the countors

Can you have a look at my .dyn file and see if i did something wrong?
I need to deliver this today :confused:

You haven’t used all the code.

You need to turn all the facades into surfaces then join these into a ‘clean’ solid. Your model doesn’t include a roof nor floor so it can’t be turned into a solid, only a polysurface. Turning it into a solid will avoid any issues of duplicate points, flipped surface normals, etc which make it difficult to get the floor plate outline.

Then run the intersections. Note that you currently have a floor-to-floor height of ‘1’ which is incorrect and will give you more intersections than desired.