Create floor by PolySurface

Hello everyone, I want to create a floor using a geometry created parametrically in Dynamo but I can’t do it.
I don’t know how to join the node of the floor with the one of Geometry or that to use, to obtain the perimeter of the volumes and to create the Polycurve.

I’m sorry if the question is basic, I just started the Dynamo, some recommendation? Thank you

@JonathanValladolid Isolate the top surface of the polysurface, obtain it’s perimeter curves as outline to create floor slabs.

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Vikram said it. I made a graph. You may need to adjust list structure to make this work on multiple polysurfaces
forum-dynamofloorboundary.dyn (10.7 KB)


Thanks I resolved the problem, thanks for the example visualizor!

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