How to creat a "Structural Column" in Revit via Dynamo

Can I just input the coordinate, top and bottom level, type of pile to form a vertical “structural column” in Revit by dynamo? What script should I use?

I tried this, but nothing shown up…

You could try something like this where you don’t need to specify any Z since the heights of the columns are specified by the levels.

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@Giuseppe_Dotto Thank you bro!!
I can import the piles with designed depth by excel now.
However, is it possible to set the piles tip just reach to a “surface element / topography”? like rockbed.
Is it a way to set the pile with bounding box and the bounding box attach to the topography?

If you get the bottom position of the pile as a point, then you use “Point.project” to project the point onto the surface.

Then you can take the original point away from the new point will give you a distance, then add this to the base offset parameter of the element. You may need to make this a minus value not a plus value.

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Thank you Cassidy, I have been trying many times, what should be the node “Point.project” output?

I would suggest you check the “Element.Geometry” output because you should only be adding the surface in question into the “Point.Project” node. Eg no Points, Lines, Solids, none relevant faces(surfaces) or nulls.

Example Below(blue is the projected Points):

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Thank you Cassidy, I have searched a lot about projection, and now I can make the piles attach to topography. However, the script seems no any error, but in 3D view, all pile seems longer than they should be a little bit…

The “blue point” is attached on the topo correctly, but the element extended longer…

The “blue point” is attached on the topo correctly, should I trust the pile length?

Oh…I just created a schedule to check the value, the Length of piles all longer than “-ve Base Offset” 4.6m…How come…

But all value seems correct after the “Point.Project” Node…

Please Help… :confounded:

I would suggest you check the Pile Family you are using because it could have a “Extension” geometry within it (Eg Embedment length).