Projection Problem, please help=[

Dear All,

I am new to Dynamo. In short, I would like to obtain the distance of a pile between ground level and topography, then input to its base offset to make the pile just contact the rockbed as shown below.
However, after many times trial, I found that the coordinate of elements (piles) always show as z=0 no matter which floor or level that I created the pile by the following dyn. Can anyone help? Thank you.

dyn I used: :see_no_evil:

Verticale Columns Always show like.a pont at Z=0. You can swap the columns as slanted-pointdriven, or getting the level+offset where are placed, or projecting the point on the level you want as reference…

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Dear FabioDeAgostini,
Thank you so much and I got it!
Although level + offset work for a levelled ground, is there any way for hosting the top points to another topography? Thank you.


Associated Level + Offset is always a good starting point (and usually necessary). You could also get the representative Curve for the pile and check the start/end point’s elevation.

@Nick_Boyts Thank you very much!

Now I am facing another issue for the element. I can achieve the centre of element reaching the topography. However, I would like to make the element just fully reaching the topography as figure shown below.
Is there any method or script that can handle this? Any help would be much appreciated :bowing_man: :cry:

If you used the projection method you could project the cross-section instead of just a point, then take the lowest point. If you extended the curve downward, you could probably accomplish something similar by extruding the pile geometry and finding the lowest point in a bounding box.

Dear @Nick_Boyts, may I know what node or script I should use for setting the boundary box? Thank you. :see_no_evil: :bowing_man:

The out of the box BoundingBox nodes are all you’ll need.