Attach top/base (structural column)

Hi everyone,

I want to attach the top of a structural column to a beam (structural framing).
Does anyone know how i can access this function from within Dynamo?

Do you mean Column an beam connection?

i mean this function:

As per this post, it looks like it’s still not exposed in the API for revit 2020. I don’t know if it’s been added in 2021.

mat be try like this. use set parameter by value for set the level

You could actually replicate the Attach Top/Base fuctionality, though without the columns actually attaching. The solution would be to set the Top Offset parameter, as @_Vijay is pointing out. As I see it, there are a couple of ways to determine the offset value, by measuring the length from top column to bottom beam:

  • Use methods from the ReferenceIntersector class in the API (I’m pretty sure would require python, as I don’t think there’s any nodes that will do this yet)
  • Use the OOTB Raybounce node
  • Use Dynamo generated solids from the columns and beams

Using the ReferenceIntersector would by far be the fastest and easiest to control, but a tough nut to crack, if you don’t have programming experience. Link to the class.

I’ve only had limited use of the Raybounce node, but it’s worked al right for me. Come to think of it, the Raybounce node might actually be using the ReferenceIntersector :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. But I’m not sure - haven’t checked.

Attempting to achieve this generating solid geometry will probably get rather messy, so I wouldnt recommend this option :slight_smile:

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thx for your replys.

I have made a workaround. I create a plane at the location of my column. Then i locate the bottom line of my framing (beam). Then search for the intersection between the line and the plane.

Output is a point. And the Z - coordinate of that point is the top of my column. I use “Top Offset” to adjust the height.

It would just be an easier way the just attach the column to te beam. But this works fine aswell.


Nice! Another work-around :slight_smile:. Glad you solved it :ok_hand: