How to convert doors into wall openings

Hi everyone,

We normally use doors instead of wall openings.

The problem is that the architect sometimes needs to have the same room even if there is a door in between. For example in the corridors.

The fastest solution is to replace those doors with wall openings.

Does anyone know how to do this automatically?

I know I have to attached at least a graph but I have no idea where to start to acomplish that. :pensive:

Thank you in advance

  • first filter doors that you want to replace
  • then you need to check door locations (Points) and locations of their hosts (Walls - Curves).
  • then you need figure out how to use locations for opening creation

Last point depends what category are you using for your openings. We use Generic models - Wall based.

Thank you Jan.

I don’t need generci model but Wall Openings. Capture

I don’t know how to create Wall Openings via Dynamo.

Sorry for late answer, but i went home, and didnt want to turn on my PC for the rest of the day :smiley:.

I know that the is a Node in Bakery package for Wall openings. But i have no idea if it works.
And as you can see you can get all the input data from your door families.

Hi Jan,

Thank you for helping!

I have used a Universo_BIM node but I have some problems when I use a node to take the walls(host) from the doors.

recreate_wallopenings_from_doors.dyn (9.1 KB)

The other problem is I should move the opening and reset it on the start position. Otherwise the rooms ignore the openings.

For first problem, you can try get the elements using List.FilterbyBoolean.
Your list should be list of Walls (All of elements of category), boolean should be element ids == host id.

last problem i dont quite understand what you mean.
BR Jan

I’m not sure I understood correctly what you’re suggesting but I think that doesn’t work.recreate_wallopenings_from_doors.dyn (12.6 KB)

Sorry but couldnt open your script till now, but your connections are causing issues, not host.

you were connecting point to Height :slight_smile:
and you were placing door location (which is good for door, but wrong for opening)

Picture shows you how the connections should go.

my previous comment is usefull, if you plan to use more that 1 door at the time. Im attaching your script (updated ofc :smiley: )
recreate_wallopenings_from_doors.dyn (29.2 KB)

You are right!:sweat_smile:
That works but I don’t understand why.


When it creates the opening he suggests I erase the door since it doesn’t cut anything. I would like to keep both, but I will have to settle for deleting the door.

About the second problem. It is difficult to explain.
Strangely, only when I move the opening does the room ignore the opening and go through it.

What I would like to do is moving the wall opening ant setting in the same place once it would be created.

Top picture should also work, you dont have to filter your hosts again :slight_smile: . Like I said the problem was not the host. You were sending Points into Width/Height input (double).

If you want to move your opening, then just add some number in X or Y direction, soo that you are not drawing openings directly in the door area.
For room boundaries there are some nodes, that can solve problem above. Sadly I almost never work with rooms.

HI Jan,

For the first picture, I don’t know why but that doesn’t work.

For the second picture. I used the move by vector node to do the work. The opening has not moved an inch but that works. In fact I don’t even know how this node works but I think it’s worth creating another topic for this.

Your advices have been an enormous help for me.

Thank you.

I guess you can start new thread, but move by vector node takes vector distance and direction, and moves you Revit element based on those two inputs

When I watch the vector information I see X,Y,Z coordinates and Length (1 in my case) but no distance.

You can always write in codeblock v.Length :slight_smile: (v is input for vector)