How to connect Dynamo to a web-based system


Hi Radu,

I was first trying to see the examples you originally referenced - . I keep getting errors when opening the files posted to your github. Could you let me know if others have had that issue?

& I am attaching the excerpt of my code. I would eventually like to post an image to airtable, but am first trying to post text.

DynaWeb eg.dyn (19.0 KB)


I’m still struggling with trying to upload an image or add to the “record”. @Radu_Gidei - Do you know if it is possible to upload an image with the DynaWeb script?
I’m including the png of my script and the dynamo file.
Thank you again. Your program has been a great help.
Dynaweb eg.dyn (19.6 KB)


Hi Mike, haven’t had time to look into the specifics of the AirTable API yet but here’s 2 bits of semi-good news :

  • I can confirm DynaWeb is capable of uploading files, it even comes with a sample that uploads a file to Forge
  • I’ve started using Airtable and enjoying it so will likely want to integrate with it as well.


Any Updates?! mine is showing error invalid request missing. one more question :can i push Schedules with format through this system to Airtable


Hi @Saurabh.jha88,
I was able retrieve data from airtable, but never able to post data to airtable.
The program I am trying to create would have a user enter data from a remote location, and I would like to be able to return the result. Ideally I would like to return a jpg to .

If I figure this out, I will post. @Radu_Gidei helped me figure out how to pull the data which was extremely helpful.



Thanks for the update I am also trying to to the same but i am struck at first step i.e. Retrieve the data from airtable ca you share the screen shot so that i can try this and go on next step. thanks for the reply


@Saurabh.jha88 - the screenshot is posted in the thread above. Let me know what you need help with. I’ll DM you too bc I dont check this often enough


Hello, I am trying to use this method to connect to an online excel spreadsheet but I am having trouble with the permissions I think. Where exactly to I find out what my authorization token is according to the downloadable file on this string. In the section shown below. Thanks!