Revit Live Link

Hello All,

Can anyone provide guidance on how to insert a live link into Dynamo / Revit parameters. I was previously using to read the Microsoft databases on a real time basis and feed those parameters into the Revit file. Since Google X took this product off the shelf it is no longer an option…

The idea behind this research is to form a proof of concept that we can feed Solar Panel efficiency sensor information in the field directly into Revit. Ideally I would run the Dynamo script once at the start and it would update itself whenever I run Revit.

Getting values from a DB and setting parameters acordingly shouldn’t be that hard, but variables like what type of DB will play a role in the ease.

To run at start will require running the script manually, ideally via Dynamo player.

If you elaborate on the DB used, ideally providing a sample data set, I’m sure you’ll be able to get a more complete description.