Can anybody suggest me a cloud-based database like

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I used to use Flux to send my Revit data into the cloud, but as you know, does not work anymore. Can anybody introduce me a tool with same capabilities which is able to connect to the Revit model through Dynamo? Thank u so much

Depends quite a bit on how flexible you want it, what you need to store, and how your office is set up. Would a csv on a shared Dropbox site work? Those are VERY easy to append to, and Dynamo can certainly utilize them easily.

A variety of database and other file formats on your own server is also an option.

Hello, are you able to elaborate on details for using a cloud database? There are many solutions depending on your overall objectives and work flow.

Thanks dear @jacob.small for your response
With with Flux, every task was automated. In case of any changes in Revit model, our database in Flux would be updated automatically. I need a cloud server like Flux that we do not have to re-run Dynamo in case of applying any change in our Revit model. I need it for a real-time Facility Management purpose. Thanks again

Thanks dear @Drew.Clements for your response
I need to connect my Revit model to a cloud server like Flux that we do not need to re-run Dynamo in case of applying any change in our Revit model. If we changed some parts of our Revit model, with Flux, all data in the flux database would be automatically updated without needing to re-run our Dynamo each time.
Your suggestion and guidance will be kindly appreciated. Thanks

Likely you need to ask your question somewhere other than the Dynamo forums if you’re looking for a non-Dynamo answer.

You could utilize a service like clairity or others to automate running the script periodically, say every 2 hours, or whatever time period would work for you, Monday though Friday.

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Do you have any example, link or video about the services you were talking about? Thanks @jacob.small

I do not, but if you search for Imaginit clarity I am sure their sales team would be happy to provide insight and may even have other solutions.

Have a look at either Konstru( or Speckle( and see if one of those could be what you are looking for.

Edit: just wanted to mention that I don’t have any personal experience with these platforms though.


Thanks dear @MartinSpence for your information. I just saw your response. I’ll look at these two tools and try to get how they work.
Thanks again

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