How to combine and filter categories?

Attached is a screen grab of my room data graph that I am pushing out to EXCEL.
I am drawing a blank as to a couple of things I would like to still accomplish with this :slight_smile:

DEC_19_Export Room Data.dyn (30.5 KB)

I want to add other categories of information to the same schedule, namely, Project Information params and Gross Area plan info. How do I do that in this same graph? The other thing is I would like to filter out all the Rooms that are not placed in the model so that they are not listed in the export, How is that accomplished?

Thank you for the help!


Hello, first quick answer to the second question (without opening your graph yet):

I am getting an internal error with this node…de-referencing a non-pointer.

LunchBox has also a LunchBox Placed and Unplaced Rooms node

For the first question: Clockwork has a node called Document.ProjectInfo, and there are also nodes for collecting area’s infos in Rhythm and BlackBox. Haeahn has also a Schedule.ExportTo Excel node among other interesting things. To put data’s together on the same sheet, Bumblebee could possibly help but not totally sure, what I tried with that node is to write multiple sheets at once…

pretty nice node…but you cannot do much with it if a person is trying to combine information in a schedule that REVIT does not allow OOTB.