Exporting Multiple Schedules into a single Excel Sheet

So, i found a code to export all the schedules in my project,
but this solution gives me a separate excel spreadsheet for every single Schedule in my revit project
What i want to do is: Create a single Spreadsheet of excel containing all data in all my Schedules of my Revit Project.

Thank you all in Advance!

One method I use to do this is with bimorphNodes GetScheduleData Node. The workflow involves getting the data for each schedule, then using List.Join node to compound the data. Finally use bumblebee package or the OOTB Excel node to write the data.

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Could you please post a version of the code to do that?

Thank you!

Managed to find the solution, I used the nodes you suggested… it took me a little longer than i imagined to to that, and the result was not exactly what i thought it would be. But it still helps me to save a lot of time.

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@Konrad_K_Sobon here it is

could you please share your dyn?