How to change Spotelevation's parameter value(Display Elevations)

Hi all.
I just wonder how to change parameter value in the drop box menu(attached image 1)

I want to change Spot Elevations’s Display Elevations from “Actual Elevations” to “Top & Bottom Elevations”

So I tried like image 2… but it didn’t work…

please help me .



Just throwing in an idea.
I managed to get that working when sending a particular element into a parameter, but I had to convert the string to an element first.
Maybe “Top & Bottom Elevation” is not a string and you’d have to convert to something else it make it work. Maybe you can read it out using Element.GetParameterByName and check what kind of inputs it would want.

Alternatively try checking if this might be handled by interger representations, it might be that:
Actual (Selected) Elevation = 0
Top Elevation = 1
Bottom Elevation = 2
Top & Bottom Elevations = 3

You could as @PauLtus suggest check this using the GetParameterByName, you can use the Object.Type node to check the output.

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You are right. Snooping a spotelevation shows that it’s an integer value.


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That’s what I thought :slight_smile:

So @Chan, your solution would be to use the value “3” as your value input.

@Jonathan.Olesen, @3Pinter, @PauLtus, Thank you!!. It really helpful!!.

I’m sorry to bother you, but I’d like to ask you one more question.

I want to change the Spot Elevations’s type. For instance, from “FL” to “FL + SL”. Because It always result “FL” when I ran this logic…

So I tried to select “FL” or “FL + SL” type using “Family types” node, but I cannot find anything. I’m not sure but I think it’s because they are Instance.

Please let me know how to change or
How to print " FL+SL " from the beginning without having to change it.

Image 1


Hi Chan,

Thank you for your question. Have you figured out the solution of how to change the elevation type?

Just figured out how to change the elevation type and would like to share it with others who have the same question.

The types of spot elevation are categorized as “Dimension type” instead of “Family type”. So the “Dimension.SetType” from Clockwork could help if anyone wants to change the type of spot elevation.