How to select and change spot elevations's type

I can’t choose the type of “Spot Elevation” using " Family Types node". Please let me know why this is happening.
I can find types such as “FL” and “FL+SL” in the Properties window. But I can’t find the types of “Spot Elevations” in the Project Browser window.

I’m making a Logic that automatically makes Spot Elevations. But the type of Spot Elevation I get when I start logic is not the type I want. So I want to know how to find and change Spot Elevation.

I attached dyn file

Get them from Categories…

Hope this helps…

Hi @Scott_Crichton thanks for replying.

I think the way you’ve taught me about it is to look up the names of the elements that have already been created.

What I want is to replace the default return " FL " type with a " FL+SL " type of node.
(In my template, there are 4 kinds of type called FL, SL, FL+SL, SGL like image 1)

I tried to change type. but the problem is that I cannot select FL+SL type using “family types” node (Because “FL+SL” is not there… I cannot find…)

As a result, what I would like to do is to select the FL+SL-types to change the family type.

please let me know if im doing something wrong or if there’s another way.



Can you have the new Spot Elevation visible somewhere in the model, so that Dynamo can access it?

Hi @Chan did you manage to solve this issue? Im interested in the solution