Set Parameter Value to ALL ELEMENTS


I am trying to do a simple thing. I want levels to show both relative and absolute elevations. To do this, I need to extract Project Base Point elevation value and assign it to a shared parameter. This shared parameter was used within level head family and as a project parameter.

I successfully extracted Project Base Point elevation and tried to update the project parameter values. The problem is that this node that I used (Element.SetParameterByName) only updated one of the levels - not all of them. How can I use one specific value and distribute it to all elements of category?

I realized what was wrong. Element.SetParemeterByName needs to have “use levels” checked.

Try changing the lacing of Element.SetparameterBaName to CrossProduct. If it still doesn’t work use the node like this:

Hey :slight_smile:
I’ve got a similar issue. I need to place the elevation on elements according to their levels (due to incorrect or inconsistent offset values.
So far I’ve managed to feed the project survey system elevation and the original project elevation but I can’t seem to be able to place an Elevation parameter relative to the particular levels.
Your script here looks like it could do the work with some adjustment, am I thinking on the right track or am I way off.

What I got so far -

Example.dyn (35.2 KB)