How to Change Level Bounding Box


I am trying to automatically change the maximum and minimum values for the bounding box associated to each level in my Revit model using Dynamo or Python. The screenshot below is from the Revit Lookup addin showing the bounding box max and min coordinates for a particular level in my model. I am trying to change the maximum coordinate to (100,100,343.72) and min to (-100,-100,343.72). Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you

You’ll have to use python. You can basically follow the path you took to get to the bounding box from the level and then modify the extents of the box.

Thanks for the reply. My python skills are pretty limited. Is there a way to move the plane origin of my levels in stead of changing the bounding box. For example change X=0, Y=0 Z=301 to X=100, Y=100, Z=301?

I am new also to dynamo scripting but here is how we did it collaboratively in the office. we changed the points of X,Y & Z thru point nodes referencing the Z coordinates from the level above. This could be changed to a user input node or any node that you wanted to use that can achieve Z values.

I’m not sure why you would want to change the levels to achieve what you want as this would just cause more headaches

What is your end goal? What are you trying to accomplish by doing this?
I’m guessing you’re trying to change the extents of the level. I haven’t seen any custom nodes to do this so I’m thinking python is your only option at this point.

My end goal is to change the extents of my levels without having to manually do it in Revit. I know the maximum and minimum XY coordinates that I would use for the bounding box that I mentioned earlier. I would like to make them part of the input in the python script. Unfortunately I do not know python that well and could use your help developing a custom python node. Thanks again.

Has anyone found a solution to this? My levels are created from the architect’s model at the correct elevation but the extents of the levels are above the Project Base Point. I need help moving the extents of the levels automatically to match the location of the Architects.

I was able to extract the bounding box coordinates in Python, using the following lines of code:

level = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
view = UnwrapElement(IN[1])

box = level.get_BoundingBox(view)

minCoordinatesInches = box.Min
maxCoordinatesInches = box.Max

I hope it may be of help.