Bounding Box not reporting correct coordinates


I’m running into an issue where I can’t get the right min and max coordinates in Dynamo. I’m using a Python script such as the following:

for element in elements:
    bbox = element.BoundingBox[doc.GetElement(element.OwnerViewId)]
min = bbox.Min
max = bbox.Max

Whenever I use this same code in Revit Python Shell, I get two different numbers for the min and the max.
For example: In Dynamo I get (-2.2, 93, 0) and in RPS I get (-32.2, 93, 0)

Any reason for the discrepancy?

I feel like I am missing some sort of conversion in Dynamo? Has anyone else seen this issue?



My guess: Units.

What value do you get from the OOTB bounding box method?


Revit Python Shell: (33.131, -72.270, 0)
Dynamo Python: (53.357, -111.017, 0)
Dynamo OOTB Node: (53.857, -107.986, 0)

See attached image for script and nodes.

Not sure what’s causing the inconsistencies. Any ideas?


Can you share a model and the dyn?


Here is a super simple Revit file with a group on the Drafting View that I am using to try to test the bounding box as well as the dynamo file above.

Let me know if you can figure it out.


BoundingBox.dyn (4.0 KB)
BoundingBox.rvt (700 KB)